Topics of class Assembly


Class- III : Mother, Save Environment, Punctuality, Cleanliness
Class- IV : Health is wealth, Discipline, Keep your surrounding clean, Save water
Class- V : Save wild life, Friend in need is a friend indeed, Plant more tree, Honesty is the best policy,
Class- VI : Respect the dignity of others, work is work ship, Respect your mother land, Avoid junk food, Conserve fuel, save life.
Class- VII: Child hood obesity, Stop child labour, Save childhood, corruption, Value of sports in student’s life, Importance of Education, Live and let live.
Class- VIII: Water management, Waste management, Safety and security, Reading makes a man perfect, Terrorism: A threat of internal security, Drug addiction, Positive use of internet.
Class- IX : Leadership quality, Event management, Global warning, Get motivated seeing Challenges as opportunities, Disaster management, Relevance of Gandhism today.
Class- X : Crisis of pure drinking water, Do good to feel good, Save forest, Stress management, Woman and development, Impact of TV serial, Preparation for Examination.