Chairman's Message

Since my childhood I had a dream, a dream to have a school of my own where all students are toppers a place which will produce high flyers of tomorrow. And like many people I also got a chance to make this dream come true, “Green Valley”.

I have always thought how children should learn and absorb Knowledge, and tried out ways to make there learning simpler and easy to transform.
Green Valley is an innovative leader in giving stress-free education to its students.

The Green Valley Public School of Delhi was established on April 5, 1995 in Hari Nagar, Badarpur. It was the dream of my father Ch. Inder Singh Pradhan to start an educational institution for the welfare of the society. There was no such institute present in the area at that time. Our rural area was demanding a good educational institute to develop the educational skills of their children to cope up with a modernizing society that is why “Green Valley Public School education society came into existent. Over these years, our school has made an enormous contribution to spread education. It has been our endeavour to serve the students in the best possible way to help them unravel, discover and acquire knowledge. The institute is not made of a building, classrooms & computers only. The school thrives on the sincerity of teachers and spirits of the students. I think the school is not only a place to educate our children but also a place to produce good citizens and responsible persons for the betterment of society & as a chairman of GVPS, I determine to provide resourceful education for the well being of society.


Mr. Ram Kesh Chaprana