Technology at Grren ValleyTechnology and competition in global job markets have out paced what our education system provides. Thus educators have to fill the gap between what is taught in schools and what the ground realities are in the ever changing and ever challenging job market. Green Valley provides students with the necessary skills and ability to apply what they learned in school to a variety of dynamic situations that exist in real time.

Technology permeates every part of our lives and this is even more relevant to our children. Using technology as a support tool for teaching makes learning more creative and effective.

Interactive Boards Green Valley is one of the very few schools that have Interactive boards with projectors and PCs in each class room. This lends to a very lively multimedia based educational atmosphere that will leave an indelible impression on young minds.

 Green Valley is perhaps the only school that can boast of a gigabit LAN (Systimax certified), using which teachers can access multimedia content stored in school servers as well as that of the world wide web instantaneously.